Dog Training Prices

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Orientation: Free (press purchase to sign up)

Evaluation: $25

Gym Time: $15; 4-Pack: $45

Group Class Packages

Includes: Puppy 1 & 2; Pup PE; Manners 1-4; Rally Obedience; Agility 1-4

  • 4-Pack $135; expires in 3 months
  • 10-Pack $275; expires in 6 months
  • 20-Pack $515; expires in 12 months

*Learn more about our dog obedience and dog agility classes.

Agility Club


  • Agility Club:  $20 single session (1 month exp);   $60 4-pack (3 month exp)
Private Dog Training
  • One Hour $105; expires in 1 month
  • Half Hour $60; expires in 1 month
  • Private Training Package: 1 One Hour + 3 Half Hour Sessions $230; expires in 3 months
  • Private Agility/Puppy Package: 4 Half Hour sessions $199; expires in 3 months

*Learn about our private dog training services.

2 Dogs in Private Training
  • Half Hour $75; expires in 1 month
  • 4 Half Hour Sessions $250; expires in 3 months

*Learn about our private dog training services.


Therapy Dog Prep Workshop: $199

Timid & Fearful Workshop: $199

*Learn more about our workshops.

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Questions about our dog training prices and packages?

Whether you are looking for private dog training or want to compare us to free puppy training classes, contact us today at (303) 578-8701 or email us at

We can’t say enough good things about Paw School and its staff. We’ve been coming here since 2014 and in comparison to other training classes in obedience they are much better. But that wasn’t what brought us to this amazing business, it was the dog agility training.

Our dog loves it and so do we. We can’t get enough. We love the classes and the weekly friendly competition between classmates called Agility Club. So the agility hooked us, but then we also have taken obedience classes and done their therapy dog workshop.

Throughout all of the classes we continue to be impressed by the caliber of the training and the breadth of knowledge. And each and every staff member is wonderful with the dogs and the humans. Coming to class is fun and enjoyable. Both we and are dog look forward to it. It’s probably why we aren’t shy about telling EVERYONE about Paw School.

They are amazing and simply the best!

B. DeMichaels