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Dog Obedience Training

Paw School “Manners” Classes

Paw School “Manners” obedience classes have been split into progressive levels that cover all the basics such as sit, down, stay, coming when called, and loose-leash walking. In addition, we have advanced training to prepare for the Canine Good Citizen evaluation, and Rally Obedience to build exceptional responsiveness from your dog. If you have been trying to find dog obedience classes in Denver, stop by or call Paw School.

Which level is for you?

You and your dog will get something new out of every level of obedience education. If you feel your dog has mastered any of the lower-level coursework, you can set up an evaluation with a dog trainer to be placed in the appropriate class.

Dogs will progress at their own rate through the classes, based on solid demonstration of behaviors. With practice and patience, you too may find yourself with a dog on the Paw School Honor Roll!

  • Manners 1 To find success with your dog, you must first build your dog’s ability to focus on you in a distracting environment. We will cover the mechanics of positive reinforcement training, pulling, jumping, and the basics of sit, down, and leave it.
  • Manners 2  We move on to some of the more difficult commands, like stay through distractions, come when called, and beginning mechanics of leash walking. We’ll continue to address pulling, jumping, and harder leave-its, through the use of fun games and group exercises.
  • Manners 3 is a course entirely devoted to loose-leash walking. There are some lucky folks that are blessed with a dog that doesn’t pull on the leash. Then there are the rest of us who’ve struggled with it. We’ll start with short exercises designed to teach your dog to choose to walk by your side. By the end of this course, you’ll be practicing longer walks with your dog happily by your side. We’ve grown very fond of this phrase – your leash is a safety bag, not a steering wheel!

Class Note: Manners 3 is a 3-week consecutive, progressive class. You can use your group class package, but need to enroll in all three consecutive classes and enrollments are taken over the phone or at the school. Call (303) 578-8701 to sign up or with any questions!

  • Manners 4: Advanced Obedience and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep is for dogs that have a good skill set in the basics in obedience. Now we’ll add more distractions to create more reliability in uncertain environments. We’ll also layer in manners, with respect to how your dog behaves around new people, other dogs, and more real-life scenarios.This class will prepare you to take the Canine Good Citizen evaluation, an American Kennel Club program recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. It is an excellent goal for you and your dog to strive toward..
  • Rally Obedience is a dog sport based on obedience. Rally courses are a set of stations where you and your dog need to perform a noted task, before moving on to the next station. We’ve found that dog and handler teams active in this course to develop an extremely effective communication style.

Other Dog Obedience Training Options

Private Dog Training

If your dog has specific issues that need to be dealt with, one on one private training may be your best option. Click here for more information.

Puppy Classes

We offer puppy programs starting at 8 weeks of age. We have a number of different puppy training offerings depending on your puppy’s age. Click here for puppy services.

Paw School Is More Than Training!

We have a large selection of carefully chosen dog products at our Denver location. Stop in and check out our selection, from trainer-recommended harnesses and bait bags to plush toys and puzzle toys for your dog or pup.

We also carry Earthborn Holistic and Honest Kitchen dog food as well as a variety of treats for your canine friend!

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