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Dog Agility is a wonderful sport, engaging your dog mentally as well as physically. It’s also a great confidence-builder for more timid dogs. The Paw School brand of agility is non-competitive, and perfect for any dog regardless of size, age, or breed.

  • Agility 1: Intro to Agility In this class you and your dog will become familiar with all of the dog agility equipment in our indoor course, including an a-frame, weave poles, tunnel, dog walk, jumps, teeter and collapsed tunnel. Prerequisite: Dogs must have basic obedience, including sit, down, and stay, as well as good general attentiveness to the owner.
  • Agility 2: Intro to Coursework Now that you and your dog are familiar with the obstacles, it’s time to work on your handling skills, and your dog’s ability to follow cues. Simple combinations are completed off-leash, as you both develop more skills working through different agility course setups.
  • Agility 3: JV Team Continuing with harder coursework and handling skills, this class will ultimately prepare you for our full recreational-style dog agility courses.
  • Agility 4: Varsity Team Our Varsity teams are challenged with a new course utilizing the entire gym each week, targeting one or two skillsets for continued growth. Members of our Varsity Team have found a love of agility, and in some cases have been coming for years!
  • Dog Agility Club: Put your skills into action! For dogs on the Varsity Team, we’ll set up a full dog obstacle course each week. You’ll compete with your fellow Varsity dog/handler pairs, to see who completes the course in the quickest time, with the least amount of errors. No instruction – you’re in charge of making all of the handling decisions. Winner each week goes home with a special treat to celebrate victory.
Dog Agility Course and Training Denver Colorado

“Jolene always has a blast in agility with Jess and she loves her new lobster toy from Paw School too!”

S. McDonald

It’s A Blast!

It’s A Blast!


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