Navigate The Construction!

The city has begun improvements to Broadway which will last until the end of summer, 2017.

Don’t fret… we have some suggestions for alternate routes. We’re not sure when the big projects will cause major delays, but might as well get in the new habit of a new route, sooner rather than later.

Construction Traffic Suggestions:

From I-25:

Southbound: Exit I-25 at Washington/Emerson, turn right on Louisiana
Northbound: Exit I-25 at Downing, continue on frontage road (not Downing), turn left on Louisiana and continue to Broadway.  Turn right onto S. Broadway, or if backed up, go straight across and turn right on Acoma, heading toward the building.

From Santa Fe:

Turn east onto Iowa
Turn north onto S. Broadway
Or, turn north on S. Acoma (to avoid Broadway all together)

From Downtown:

Take Logan south to Louisiana
Turn west on Louisiana, and take a right on S. Broadway
Or, go one more block and turn right on Acoma (if Broadway is backed up)

Construction routes to Denver Paw School